Adobe Creative Cloud Launch China - Luxx
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Adobe Creative Cloud Launch China

For the announcement of Adobe Creative Cloud in China, Luxx worked alongside Never Sit Still to create the launch animation.
Working from a highly detailed illustration created by Brian Yap. Our challenge was to bring the dragon to life in a 20 second animation, created for the moment of impact when Creative Cloud was announced for the very first time in China.
To animate the illustration, we converted the layered artwork into many individual components, these were then rigged for animation. We created the animation of fire using more traditional stop-motion techniques by drawing each frame by hand. Throughout this process we felt it was essential to maintain the authenticity of the original artwork.



Client: Adobe
Illustration: Brian Yap
3D Artists: Tim Clapham, Mike Tosetto & Dan Braga
2D Artists: Mike Tosetto & Alex Barnet
Sound Design: Smith & Western