Qantas Inflight IDs - Luxx
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Luxx was commissioned by Heckler to produce a series of four idents, branding the Qantas Airways, Inflight entertainment system.

Tackling the most challenging concepts conceived for QTV Music, Kids, World and Drama, Luxx wrangled cutting edge 3D animation techniques, including fluid dynamics, cloth simulations, rigid bodies and sound driven animation.



Creative Agency: Frost*
Art Director Frost*: Ben Hennessy
Creative Director Heckler: Garry Jacques
Producer Heckler: Jayne Da Costa
3D Animation & Compositing: 

Qantas In Flight ID Music
Qantas Inflight ID Music
Qantas In Flight ID Kids
Qantas Inflight ID Kids
Qantas In Flight ID Kids
Qantas In Flight ID Drama
Qantas Inflight ID Drama
Qantas Inflight ID World
Qantas In Flight ID World