Nickelodeon IDs - Luxx
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Working alongside Sydney based The DMCI, Luxx was commissioned to produce a series of four internationally broadcast IDs for Nickelodeon.


Shown globally on the Nickelodeon network, the IDs feature seasonal themes, based on Christmas, Easter and Summer.



Creative Director Nickelodeon International: Richard Barry
Director Nickelodeon International: Mia Eriksson
Producer Nickelodeon International: Simone Smith
Creative Director Nickelodeon Australia: Kristie Phelan
Head of On Air Nickelodeon Australia: Mick Elliott
Creative Studio: DMCI
Creative Director: Nathan Drabsch
Designers: Luke Bell-Booth, Brecon Littleford, Joseph Harper & Tim Clapham
Lead 3D: Tim Clapham
Audio Design and Composition: ISM Studios

Nickelodeon Beach ID
Nickelodeon Beach ID
Nickelodeon Easter ID
Nickelodeon Easter ID
Nickelodeon Presents ID